The Department of Health and Human Services Office of Internal General (OIG) recently published this video on their website after entering into a Corporate Integrity Agreement with eClinicalWorks for $155 million dollars.  The OIG is showcasing this settlement as an example to other Electronic Health Record (EHR) vendors.  eClinicalWorks, on the other hand, is moving forward as dominant player in the EHR space and admitting no wrong.

What is the take away for physicians? Be certain that you have business procedures and compliance training in place to protect your business.

  • The matter of healthcare fraud is being taken seriously.  In addition to fulfilling their duty to protect the public, the work of the OIG offers a large source of revenue for the government.  Take time to Review the OIG’s workplan each year.  Here is the OIG’s 2017 Workplan.
  • Be sure that all your employees (including you) are up to date on the required annual compliance training and mandate that employees notify you of any known activities that may be considered out of compliance.
  • Your EHR or other Practice Management Software vendors are at risk of Fraud and Abuse audits.  Even if they aren’t found guilty of actual fraudulent activities, the cost to defend such a case can be financially harmful and impact the ability to support your business.  So, know your healthcare software partners well.  Look to the purchase agreement to protect your business on the front-end of a purchase by making certain that you are able to get your data if you need to make a switch in vendors.

Mike DeVries is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Enrolled Agent,  and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant focusing on helping healthcare professionals. If you would like to learn more about becoming a client, contact Mike at

Mouthing Off on the Economy

Why do you think that patients are not scheduling their dental appointments?

A – They are Fretting over their Finances

B – They are Too Busy Working and Earning Money to Care

C – Their Employer Dropped the Company Dental Insurance Plan

D – Other (Please give us your thoughts)

Mike DeVries is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Enrolled Agent,  and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant focusing on helping healthcare professionals. If you would like to learn more about becoming a client, contact Mike at

The following is a recording of a live Webinar presented in cooperation with Jackie Coult, CHBC of Complete Healthcare Business Consulting.  Our topic was Physician Quality Reporting System and helping doctors avoid the 2015 potential reimbursement penalty by taking action before the end of the year.




A Morning Huddle is a Great Way to Start your Day!

The past few days I have been working with some dental practices.  To help these teams more effectively, Bryant Truitt and I have been “boots on the ground” – in their business observing, interviewing staff, analyzing data, and discussing best practices for managing a dental business.

When I discussed this process with another client he said, “Mike, we need your help and expertise.  We appreciate your ability to help us eliminate some of the stress we feel in running a business.”   Hearing comments like this fuels my passion to …help doctors mind their own business.

The business of healthcare is about – caring for the patient.  It’s my commitment to keep using my talents, gifts, information, abilities, and expertise to work with those who care – even if it’s just sharing a contribution to the team huddle.

Making your Smile Right!


“Smile at each other. Smile at your wife, smile at your husband, smile at your children, smile at each other- it doesn’t matter who it is- and that will help to grow up in greater love for each other.”
― Mother Teresa

In an effort to “mind my own business”, I signed up for the Launch Conference.  Going to any conference takes work and, let’s face it, it is an investment.  The investment often includes a monetary cost as well as a cost of time – time away from my family and the clients with whom I work.  So, when I participate in a conference I look for a return on my investment.  This could consist of something that will help me be better at what I do, who I am, or something that I can share with you that will enhance your life.  The Launch Conference, for me, has been incredibly beneficial.  The speakers have been great, and what I find equally as great are the people I get to meet who are attending this conference.

This afternoon, during a work session on discovering personal life assets, I had the pleasure of meeting and talking with Derrick Tennant, who I learned is a comedian with a powerful life story of his own.  He shared that one of his life assets is his sister , Julie.  Derrick introduced Julie to me by way of this video that I suggest you watch.  I believe Julie can be a life asset for all of us.

Enjoy and share a smile with Julie – smiling is good for you and it’s contagious!  Hey, Julie, I Love My Life Too!


I recently saw a brief segment of the show Dr. Phil where he was interviewing a young woman who had not yet seen a gynecologist.  Even though she had been informed of and seemed to understand all the medical reasons for going to this specialist, she avoided making her first appointment.  Her own sister tried to coach her into taking this important step for the sake of her own health and yet she resisted and would not comply.  It wasn’t until she met a gynecologist on Dr. Phil and gained a sense of “knowing” this doctor personally and becoming comfortable with a real person, that she agreed to have her first gynecological exam with this particular physician.

While I’m not a regular viewer of Dr. Phil, I was glad that I had caught the few minutes of this particular show.  It made me think about what my clients are facing many times when they see their patients for the first time in an exam room.  It also confirmed for me that patients will delay making an appointment with a doctor because of emotion – they are most likely terrified.  Helping your patients overcome this fear is key to the growth of your business. So, how is it that you can take strides in assisting your next potential patient “get to know you” and make an appointment?

  • Is your website up to date with information about you and your staff that will allow a potential patient the opportunity to gain an initial impression?
  • Does your web presence allow your patients the opportunity to tell their friends about you?
  • Do you have a “meet the doctor” time built into your initial appointments? Or do you have an occasional “open house” where a potential new patient will have a chance to meet you?
  • Do you make a point of calling or sending a note to patients that will be coming to your office for the first time?
  • Are you active in your community?  And do people see you as a “face” that cares about them outside of the office?
  • What do you and your staff do everyday to connect with the patients that you see in the office?

You became a doctor because you are passionate about caring for people and their health.  Let people get to know you and see your passion for them and you will take hold of your future.

Here is an interesting key note lecture by futurist Patrick Dixon that speaks to the future of Healthcare and connecting to your patients emotions.