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“Feel Free to use these resources to Mind Your Own Business.”


52 Week Production Review

Use this spreadsheet to track your production, charge adjustments, receipts, and refunds each week.  Balance your accounts receivable to your practice management system each week.  View trends over the the year.

Goal Monitoring

Use this spreadsheet to enter the days you will be working.  Computes your daily, monthly, quarterly revenue goals.  In the second tab you can enter your actual revenue each day and view how you are measuring up to the goals you set.


This spreadsheet provides you with a year at a glance and separate tabs for each month.  Use it for tracking your marketing efforts, for staff scheduling, or counting the days until your next vacation.   

Annual Planning Calendar

This spreadsheet is an annual spreadsheet that allows you to plan your year.

Dental Practice New Patient GAP Analysis with Sample Marketing Objectives

Track your active patients quarterly.  Establish marketing objectives (examples provided) for growing your practice.

Employee Compensation Summary

Provide your employees with a summary of all the financial benefits they received for the year.

Time Card Calculator

Use this spreadsheet for totaling employee handwritten timecards or distribute the spreadsheet to your employees for tracking their work time.

Petty Cash Ledger

Use this spreadsheet for tracking and monitoring your Petty Cash.

Life Inventory Worksheet

Use this spreadsheet template to list all the information that your loved ones will need at your death.

Charitable Deduction Tracker

Use this spreadsheet to track your charitable contributions during the year.  Have everything summarized at year for your tax account


Hiring a New Employee

Hiring a new employee?  Use this checklist to bring your team member onboard.