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Practice Management Tips to Go

The Doctor’s Business Management Show is my podcast dedicated to helping physicians, dentists, and their administrators manage their business.  The insights and information provided here are meant to bring you practical and sound practice management tips.  The following is a listing of shows that have been produced to date.

Mike DeVries' Podcast for Doctors

Podcast Archive

Episode Title Released
 012 Assess & Measure Your Hygiene Department 11/30/15
 011 Business Intelligence – Using Your Data to Manage Your Practice 08/17/15
 010 Embezzlement and Fraud in the Doctor’s Office 06/08/15
 009 4 Tax Planning Tips & Ways to Avoid Tax Scams 05/22/15
 008 What’s Your Internal Marketing Strategy 03/16/15
 007 Thumbs Up or Down? Rules of Thumb Play a Meaningful Role in Business Valuations 03/03/15
 006 Is the use of Social Media Puzzling to You? 01/05/15
 005 Putt for Dough – Can 25 Minutes of Practice Change Your Business 12/08/14
 004 New Member of the Healthcare Team – Practice S.C.O.R.E. Card – Late Start to Tax Filing – 401(k) Plan Mistakes 11/21/14
 003 Health Insurance Benefits – A discussion about the Insurance Exchange 11/3/14
 002 Healthcare Compliance Update with Bryan Roberts 10/16/14
 001 Introduction to Business Management Show 9/23/14

The posting of this Podcast and making of this show has been fun and a learning experience.  This “radio show”, of sorts, can be listened to in a variety of ways.  You can listen to the show from your computer or take it with you on your phone or mp3 player.  If you subscribe to this show on iTunes, you will automatically receive every episode for free.

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For those who don’t have a mobile device – You can always listen to the show by clicking the audio player contained within each show listed above.  Or, find a complete listing of all shows and notes here.