Not just for kids!

Yesterday, our Pastor asked the kids of the congregation what they were going to do to make the Year, 2012, a good year.  He challenged them to think of some ways in which they could make the world a better place.  As we move forward into a year of changes and opportunities in the business of healthcare, this is a question that we should all contemplate.

Walt Disney once wrote that there were three types of people in this world: “Well Poisoners,” who criticize and try to tear people down rather than build them up; “Lawn Mowers, ” good people who do their jobs, pay their taxes, and take care of their families and homes but never venture beyond their own yards to help others; and “Life Enhancers,” who by their kind words and deeds enhance the lives of others and leave their world a better place for having lived.

As we set our goals for 2012, let’s look for ways in which we can be “Life Enhancers”.  Be an encourager to your staff, show compassion to your patients, be a mentor, a leader, a friend.  Begin this year by Minding Your Own Business and giving yourself to enhancing life of those around you. How will you make the Year, 2012, a good year? – It’s not just a question for kids.

Go ahead, Practice with a Purpose!

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