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Episode 003

Doctors Business Management Show

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Episode 003 is a discussion on health insurance benefits.  Small employers account for more than ½ of the jobs in America. If you have been following the Affordable Care Act laws, then you would know that large employers, those who employ 50 or more, are being mandated to provide health insurance to their employees or face paying a tax penalty.

Small employers are currently exempt from this mandate.  As employers, most physicians and dentists fall into the small business category.  So, yes, they are currently exempt from having to offer insurance to their employees. However, the employees that work for the small employer must have health insurance or they face having to pay an additional tax.

As a small employer, do you offer your employees the insurance they need?   If not, where will they obtain the insurance? Establishing new compensation packages that include health insurance or a method for you and your employees to pay for health insurance with pre-tax dollars is on option that small employers should be considering now.  Another option is to provide your employees with information and direction on the Insurance Exchange.  Interestingly,  last year’s educational videos for the Insurance Exchange included a story about a dental assistant who didn’t have health insurance  – click here for the story.

This podcast is focused on gaining a better understanding of the Insurance Exchange including:

  • Enrollment dates for Individuals – for those obtaining insurance from the exchange or for those going directly to the insurance companies
  • What is needed to enroll
  • What is being asked of those who enroll in the Exchange and what is the enrollment process
  • How does a Business use the SHOP program and what should they consider?
  • Enrollment dates for a Business


My guest on this show is Gabrielle Warner, ACBC.  Ms. Warner is President of Innovative Solutions Agency, Inc.  As an Advanced Chartered Benefits Consultant, Gabrielle has assisted her clients analyze the marketplace and implement employee benefit plans for over twenty years.  Her passion for helping others and her experience with utilizing the Insurance Exchange provides for a great resource.  To find out more about my guest, you can visit her website at www.innovativesolutionsagency.com.


As a supplement to this episode, here are some references and resources that you may find helpful based upon the content presented:

Honor Flight Network  – http://www.honorflight.org  The Honor Flight Network is a non-profit organization created solely to honor America’s veterans for all their sacrifices.  They transport our heroes to Washington, D.C. to visit and reflect at their memorials.  Check out and support this initiative or simply enjoy the videos presented on this site.

A Resource for Doctors – Health Insurance Marketplace: 10 Things Provider’s Need to Know

A Resource for Doctors – Health Insurance Marketplace: 10 Things to Tell Your Patients

A Checklist – Marketplace Application Checklist

Information Fact Sheet – College Graduate Fact Sheet

Marketplace Websites – www.healthcare.gov ; https//marketplace.cms.gov


Today’s show is supplemented with a demonstration of using the Insurance Exchange’s website – www.healthcare.gov.   Gabrielle walks us through a demonstration of using the website  while discussing the application of the Insurance Exchange for both individuals and small business.

The following Screencast is a supplement (beginning at 11:25) to the Podcast should you wish to see the information that was presented during the Podcast.


As a small employer, what health insurance benefits are you currently offering your employees?  What changes do you expect to make in the future?  

Mike DeVries is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Enrolled Agent,  and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant focusing on helping healthcare professionals. If you would like to learn more about becoming a client, contact Mike at www.vmde.com.

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