Employee Notice Regarding Health Insurance Options

Many provisions of the Affordable Care Act that will expand access to health coverage become effective beginning in 2014.  Included in these provisions is health insurance coverage that will be offered through a Health Insurance Marketplace. Open enrollment for this “Marketplace” health insurance coverage, available for Individuals and employers of small businesses, will begin October 1, 2013.

This past May, the Department of Labor issued regulations that you provide your employees with a 2 page notice informing them of their health insurance options by October 1, 2013.  I suspect that many independent physician and dental offices are not ready to meet this obligation with their employees.  To assist you with this, I have provided an executive summary, copies of model notices provided by the Department of Labor, and the technical notice issued by the DOL in the following link:


I suspect that being a healthcare provider and offering good medical or dental care to your patients is your goal each day when you arrive at your office.  Taking the business hassles out of Healthcare and keeping you in the business of caring for your patients is mine.

Keep Practicing on Purpose.

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