Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan – FREE Webinar

Save Taxes by Contributing to a Cash Balance Qualified Retirement Plan



Cash Balance Plan

Join me as I host this informational FREE Webinar on the Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan



This Webinar is for you if:

  • You are paying 33% or more income tax on your income
  • You desire to save taxes
  • You have extra cash flow that you wish to save on a pre-tax basis

If you want to…

  • Fund more than what your 401(k) plan will allow
  • Provide for a disparity in retirement funding between business owners
  • Create more flexibility in your funding

This Webinar on the Benefits of a Cash Balance Plan will help you gain an understanding of this type of Qualified Retirement Plan and achieve the above objectives.



IRS Announces Benefit Plan Adjustments for 2014

The following limits have  been announced by the IRS for the year 2014:

  • 401(k) elective limits stay the same for 2014 – $17,500
  • Catch-up deferrals for those 50 or older remain the same – $5,500
  • Considered compensation limit moves up to $260,000 (previously $255,000)
  • Simple IRA deferrals also stay the same for 2014 – $12,000
  • Social Security Wage Base increases to $117,000 (previously $113,700)

The IRS also modified the “use-or-lose” rule for health flexible spending arrangements in order to allow, at the plan sponsor’s option, participating employees to carry over up to $500 of unused amounts remaining at year-end rather than having to forfeit all the unused amounts.  To utilize this option , your plan must be amended and this can still be done for 2013