Board Certified…

Board Certified

Better Management & Improved Efficiency
For Your Healthcare Practice

What are the Key Benefits of Working with a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant?

Certified to Serve Your Needs

A Certified Healthcare Business Consultant has earned the designation CHBC™ by examination.  This certification by the National Society of Certified Healthcare Business Consultants allows physicians, dentists and other healthcare professionals to select knowledgeable, certified consultants.

The Need for Specialists is Clear

As in medical and dental practice, the increasing complexity in management knowledge requires specialization of those who serve the industry best.  As a healthcare practitioner; your attention is focused on the needs of your profession.   The Certified Healthcare Business Consultant is prepared to help you improve, establish, and maintain the business of your practice.  Excellent business methods are required for efficient, successful operations.

To achieve and maintain success your office needs to:

  • Bill patients accurately and efficiently
  • Manage the complex compliance issues and regulations involved in your business
  • Manage patient records efficiently and effectively to give you reliable, timely access to the information you need every day
  • Manage employees and finances effectively

These key elements of management are essential in meeting the needs of your patients and maintaining a successful practice.  They are absolutely required for the growth of your business.

A Certified Healthcare Business Consultant provides:

  1. KNOWLEDGE and EXPERIENCE in advance management methods and office systems for healthcare professionals
  2. SKILL in the integration of management procedures for medical and dental practices
  3. ABILITY to assist in the selection, training, and management of qualified office personnel

Engaging a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant will ensure better management and improved efficiency in your practice.

How Certified Consultants Can Work with You

The Survey

The Certified consultant is able to review your present management setup and prepare a report of findings for discussion.  The survey may be a complete review of all aspects of the practice, or it may be limited to a specific topic.

Recommendations and Support for Management

This step delivers the benefits and value you expect from your decision to employ a Certified consultant.  Recommendations will include specific advice for making vital improvements in the management of your practice.


Consulting does not stop with a list of recommendations.  Your Certified Healthcare Business Consultant will be closely involved, helping you implement and establish the recommendations.

On-going Commitment

Your Certified consultant will maintain files on your practice and stand ready to assist you and your staff through the process of change and growth.  Regular meetings will be scheduled to keep you posted on your progress and up-to-date on changes in the field of practice management.

Qualified for Certification

To be eligible for certification, a consultant must have a B.A./B.S. or equivalent degree, be a practice management consultant for minimum of three years, and currently be serving healthcare clients in his or her consulting practice.  The remaining step in the process is successful completion of a comprehensive examination. There are twelve areas of knowledge tested:

  • Financial Administration
  • Patient Records Management
  • Personnel Administration
  • Economic Analysis
  • Facilities and Equipment Information
  • Practice Activities
  • Operating Methods
  • Associates and Corporate Organization
  • Retirement Planning
  • Tax Management
  • Financial Planning
  • Estate Planning

A Certified Healthcare Business Consultant is committed to the disciplines of business and the changing framework of knowledge involved in medical and dental practice management.  To remain Certified, the consultant must complete 35 hours of approved continuing education credits annually.  This requirement provides you with the benefit of advanced consulting support for your practice.