About Us

We are a team of board certified healthcare business consultants.

The need for a specialist is clear. As in medicine and dentistry, the increasing level of complexity in healthcare management requires specialization of those who serve the industry best.  We are prepared to help you improve, establish, and maintain the business of your practice so that you can focus on the needs of your patients. For many doctors, their practice is their single most valuable asset. The practice should provide a comfortable living during the doctors working years and should facilitate a comfortable retirement later in life. In today’s ever changing and increasingly complex business environment, excellent business methods are required for efficient and successful operations.

To achieve and maintain success your office needs to:

  • Manage your financial affairs effectively
  • Manage the people on your team
  • Manage the billing of your patients accurately and efficiently
  • Manage the complex compliance issues and regulations involved in your business
  • Manage patient records efficiently and effectively to give you reliable, timely access to the information you need every day
  • Manage patient relationship to deliver effective patient centered communication

These key elements of management are unique to healthcare and are essential in meeting the needs of your patients and maintaining a successful practice. They are absolutely required for the growth of your business.

Engaging the MDManagement Group allows you to be a healthcare provider: not an accountant, IT Specialist, Marketing Manager, Payroll Administrator, Human Resource Director, or Healthcare Compliance Expert. MDManagement Group provides a single point of service for all of your practice management needs.

MDManagement Group has been serving the needs of Medical and Dental clients for more than 30 years. We are more than an accountant, tax preparer, payroll administrator, or retirement planning advisor. Our clients view us as a key member of their management team.   We are committed to helping you mind your own business during all stages of your career. From planning for the purchase of your first practice to planning for your retirement. We eliminate the administrative burdens of practice ownership so you can “practice on purpose. Our clients believe a more focused approach to patient care promotes wellness at home, at work, and at play.