005 Putt for Dough – Can 25 Minutes of Practice Change your Business? [Podcast]


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Episode 005

Doctors Business Management Show



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In this episode, Mike DeVries & Co-Host, Ben Lane, visit with Mari Martin from Performance Strategies Group (www.psgteam.com).  Mari is the founding partner of PSG where she consults with businesses, teams, and individuals to improve communications, productivity and efficiencies in the work place.

To become a great golfer, you need to practice.  Spending time on the basics of golf is important if you desire to take your game to the next level and score well.  Using this analogy of golf, Mari walks us through four steps of working on your game in business to take your business to new levels – to Practice on Purpose.  These steps include:

  1. Working on Knowing Yourself
  2. Working on Your Team
  3. Working on Communications
  4. Working on Reducing Stress

Physicians, Dentists, or any business owner will benefit from working with a team that is working on their individual game for the benefit of the business.  Mari explains how using an assessment tool, like the Kolbe, can help business leaders not only understand themselves better as leaders, but will help them lead and manage people according to their strengths.  When you help your team work with their strengths, they’ll excel; force them to work contrary to their strengths and you will have a stressful workplace that can result in costly turnover.

The most valuable assets in your business are your employees - Michael L. DeVries, CFP®, CHBC, EA Click To Tweet

If you want to improve your business and reduce stress at work, at home, and at Play then invest 25 minutes in taking a Kolbe Assessment with the assistance of a Kolbe consultant, like Mari Martin.  Doing so will positively change your business and your life for the better.

 Are you frustrated with your hiring process?

  • Are you looking for team members that fit into the culture of your office?  
  • Are you uncomfortable and dislike interviewing people for your open position?  
  • Would you find it helpful to have a partner that is focused on helping you find the right fit for your office?
If you answered, yes, to any of these questions then our service, the Right Staffing Solution, is for you.  To assist you find the Right Fit for your office, our services provide you with the Right Solution:
Right Staffing Solution Services include:
  • Review/establish a Position Description for the Right Fit
  • Analysis of the Right Fit Compensation Package
  • Composition of a Right Fit Placement Ad 
  • Conducting a Right Fit Interview
  • Assessment of the Right Fit’s Talents, Skills, and Values
  • Background Check of the Right Fit
  • Implementation of Right Fit Employment Forms and Agreements
  • Right Fit Healthcare Compliance Certification – HIPAA Privacy/Security & OSHA
People who wish to work in Healthcare desire Purpose, Worthwhile Work, and to Make a Difference.  Utilize the Right Staffing Solution to make a difference in your office.  To learn more about the Right Staffing Solution for your business, contact Mike DeVries or Ben Lane at (616) 949-9030.  Investing in yourself and your team will provide you with a long-lasting rate of return – a team that works well for you.


Mike DeVries is a CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNER ™, Enrolled Agent,  and a Certified Healthcare Business Consultant focusing on helping healthcare professionals. If you would like to learn more about becoming a client, contact Mike at www.vmde.com.

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2 thoughts on “005 Putt for Dough – Can 25 Minutes of Practice Change your Business? [Podcast]

  1. I benefited from listening to episode 5. Great theme. Even though I suck at golf, it was an applicable analogy – even for me as a high school math teacher. There were sub-topics throughout your conversation with Ben and Mari when I wanted to join in and share my experiences. That urge to participate is what you want to create in a podcast. Thanks.